Author: Johanna Kaschke

Signing up

Neighbourhood Watch is a huge national system, with over 1.000.000 signed up members and messages reaching 2/3 of the British population.

Whilst the system is being up-graded from V3 – V4, and there are various sign-up options, it depends what page you land up to sign up.

The simplest way to sign up is using this

sign up page

Could it be a scam?

Could it be a scam?

Spent ages today waiting for a cash withdrawal transaction at the Sainsbury’s in Whitechapel store. A man sat behind the machines and I didn’t like that. But because the store is heavily protected with CCTV I went ahead with the transaction.

As it went, I put in the card, making sure that my pin wasn’t visible from any angle, I waited for the money. Usually the machine returns the card with loud bleeps, shortly before the money. And this goes fairly quick.

But this morning, at the cash point, the bank sent me a text that money had been withdrawn, long before the card was returned and the money for that matter.

I nearly gave up and though the card had been swallowed but then thought I wait for the formal notification from the machine that the card had been swallowed, which didn’t come. I only stayed and waited because of the notification from my bank that the money had been writhdrawn.

Eventually, after about 2 minutes, the card came out and the money. But the machine didn’t bleep loudly. I read that there are scams, which slow down the machine so that people give up and then someone standing by collects the cards and money left behind, when it eventually dispenses.

Just wanted to ask you not to leave your card behind in a machine because it is very slow. Don’t use machines in remote places when somebody stands nearby the ATM.

Some ATM scams used today.

New stickers

Our post explained that at least 13% of criminals are deterred when seeing Neighbourhood Watch stickers on a property.

We have taken delivery of new Neighbourhood Watch window stickers, which also double up as reminders for Cyberhood Watch.

If used on hard surfaces in-doors, you’ll only see the Cyberhood Watch stickers. They also peel off. Not to be used outside as they are not water proof.

We distribute the stickers at our drop in sessions or meetings. We note who takes the stickers and how many for our own records, so t hat we can measure how useful they are.

Don’t waste time report the crime

If you are

  • worried about repercussions
  • don’t have time to get involved
  • feel you can’t risk being an informant

We offer totally anonymous crime reporting.

Just do it!!!


  • create yourself a reference, which you must keep
  • state time, date, place
  • make further comments if you want
  • upload voice, video, pictures, docs

If you are due a reward for your information we’ll publish your reference and wait for you to contact us.

The neighbour you get to know

The neighbour you get to know

  • is less likely to get involved with criminals
  • is less likely to be exploited by criminals
  • is probably less paranoid
  • will help improve community safety

Community anonymity can help produce paranoia in people, so that school children for example may believe those who tell them they need knives to protect themselves because there is danger around. That myth can be broken down by simply talking to neighbours and this connection produces a greater feeling of security in people and also children.

Saying Hello can bring so many advantages like

  • community cohesion
  • harmonious relationships
  • helping each other out and that in turn can lead to a reduction in the carbon footprint because if neighbours who know each other can help each other out, they all need to purchase less and throw less away.

Isolated people are more likely to fall victim to scammers of all kind. Scammers collect money from people, which avoids taxation. Every penny spent on a scammer is a penny less for our NHS, our schools and our police services.

Criminals target lonely, vulnerable people to use their homes to store drugs, weapons, as base for heists, storing explosives.
If they see that neighbours talk to each other, they would not bother invading your community. Every property used by criminals makes our communities weaker.

We want our co-ordinators to get to know their neighbours. Start a watch in your block, your street and once you got to know those neighbours, start to get to know other co-ordinators and combine efforts, run events and make your community stronger.

Apply for membership in the Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association