“A lovely guy”

Published from BBC Emad Al Swealmeen, described as lovely guy by a former friend.

Don’t judge people by appearance or looks

“Mr Hitchcott said Al Swealmeen formally converted from Islam at a ceremony in Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral. The cathedral, which was the scene of the city’s main Remembrance Day service on Sunday, is a short distance from Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

He said in the years before the attack Al Swealmeen had been sectioned under the Mental Health Act for about six months because of his behaviour with a knife.

Speaking to the BBC, Mrs Hitchcott said she was “just so sad” and “very shocked” by Sunday’s incident, adding: “We just loved him, he was a lovely guy.”

There are no more patterns you can use as guideline as to who is dangerous, likely to become dangerous or dangerous already.

Sitting in a bed of flowers, this man made a bomb and blew himself up. He took a taxi, at the time of the Remembrance celebrations near the Liverpool Women’s Hospital and his home-made bomb blew up, when a hero taxi driver, who realised the threat didn’t allow him to leave the cab, so that the bomb exploded within.

This saved countless lives and the taxi driver David Perry, managed to realise the threat and to escape before the taxi caught fire.

This kind of quick-thinking is essential for all of use.

  • Be alert
  • realise the threat
  • act upon it

We really can’t generalise who is or is not dangerous. We need to go by what is actually happening.

  • Do you hear people talk favourable about
    • terrorism
    • hate speech against anybody
  • Do you notice someone ordering large amounts of fertilisers or other bomb making materials
  • Do you see abandoned and hidden items in public spaces
  • Does a person seem to carry explosive materials?

Join Neighbourhood Watch

As member you get access to many teaching materials, anti-terrorism instructions, life-saving tips. See our other site for more details.

Call 999 in case of immediate danger, report Terror suspicions to ACT, report non urgent problems to police on their website or Twitter.

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