Could it be a scam?

Could it be a scam?

Spent ages today waiting for a cash withdrawal transaction at the Sainsbury’s in Whitechapel store. A man sat behind the machines and I didn’t like that. But because the store is heavily protected with CCTV I went ahead with the transaction.

As it went, I put in the card, making sure that my pin wasn’t visible from any angle, I waited for the money. Usually the machine returns the card with loud bleeps, shortly before the money. And this goes fairly quick.

But this morning, at the cash point, the bank sent me a text that money had been withdrawn, long before the card was returned and the money for that matter.

I nearly gave up and though the card had been swallowed but then thought I wait for the formal notification from the machine that the card had been swallowed, which didn’t come. I only stayed and waited because of the notification from my bank that the money had been writhdrawn.

Eventually, after about 2 minutes, the card came out and the money. But the machine didn’t bleep loudly. I read that there are scams, which slow down the machine so that people give up and then someone standing by collects the cards and money left behind, when it eventually dispenses.

Just wanted to ask you not to leave your card behind in a machine because it is very slow. Don’t use machines in remote places when somebody stands nearby the ATM.

Some ATM scams used today.

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